Turning a lonely $50 into $40 MILLION!

Turning a lonely $50 into $40million!

For everyone who visits Las Vegas, turning their small bank into a huge fortune is everyone’s dream! That dream became a reality in 1992 for Archie Karas. He completed the impossible by going on the hottest streak in the history of Vegas. He drove all the way to Sin City with $50 in his pocket and didn’t look back.

Archie didn’t have it all his own way to begin with. He was involved in a high-stakes poker game where the winner took home $2 million dollars. That’s’ part of the reason he was a) going to Las Vegas and b) only had $50 to his name. He needed some bank roll and bumped into an old friend at Binions Horseshoe Casino. He persuaded him to lend him $10,000 so he could enter a high-stakes Razz.

Razz is an unusual version of poker where the lowest hand wins. Archie Karas decide, because his luck was down, this would be the best game for him to play: just over three hours later he was able to pay back his $10,000 with 50% interest and more in the tank to continue.

This winning streak continued and Archie Karas had built it up to $40 million!

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