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Dublin Casino D1 courts ruled not to pay €11,000 roulette win!

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Dublin Casino D1 courts ruled not to pay €11,000 roulette win!

Mr. Sayed Mirwais who claims to have had the win at Dublin casino D1 argued he found a flaw in the machine.

In Irish law there in no legal guarantees that gamblers will be paid their winnings was stated by the judge in the Circuit Civil Court.

The Judge handling the case, Judge Francis Comerford, made the ruling brought against Automatic Amusements Ltd (trading name of D1 Casino) and it’s director Mr. Michael Donnelly.

Mr. Sayed Mirwais has claimed that the Dublin Casino D1 has refused to pay him his winnings of €11,713. He claims to have won after playing on their automated roulette machine.

Mr. Mirwais has said that on March 2nd and 3rd 2015 he had first won €7,500 at the Dublin Casino. When he decided it was time to cash it out, he was given €2,500 cash. The other €5,000 would be given in chips that he could use at the casino.

He continued to play and won a further €6,713 through the night. He was then told to cash out, but when he went to do so D1 Casino said they had no more cash for the night and told to return the following day.

Mr. Mirwais, who was told that an engineer would check the machine and to returned the next day.  only to be told that the Dublin Casino wouldn’t be paying out his owed money.

Dublin Casino D1

Unethical practice for the management

Mr. Mirwais has claimed that the casino management actively encouraged him to continue playing with the hope that he would then lose his winnings. He believes that the Dublin casino had no intention of paying his winnings and has said it’s unlawful commercial practice.

D1, the Dublin Casino has alleged that the machine that Mr. Mirwais was playing was faulty thus rendering all the winnings void: the player changed the screen layout from single to doube play mode, this meaning that he could place a bet on the previous game where the ball had already settled, meaning he could bet on the already resulted spin.

For more information about the Dublin Casino can be found: D1 Dublin Casino

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